Server Colocation in Corvallis, Oregon

Pricing here is unique. Only pay for what you use, plus a small monthly rent for the space. Check out the options below for rent, bandwidth and power, and let's get your equipment installed!


You'll receive 5 Star Security and 24-7 access to your equipment with your own VIP card. We're located in Corvallis, OR - ranked the safest metro area in the nation when it comes to natural disasters.

1U Rackmount Case:
2U Rackmount Case:
3U Rackmount Case:
4U Rackmount Case:
Mini/Med Tower Case:
Full Tower Case:
Half Rack (20U):
Full Rack (40U):


Got bandwidth? You'll have premium Tier 1 connectivity with direct connections to AT&T, Verizon Wireless and Level 3. Our network supports mobile apps with millions of monthly users, and our direct connections virtually guarantee excellent performance.

  • $2.00 per gigabyte transferred per month.
  • $100 per 100 GB/mo.
  • $200 per 500 GB/mo.
  • $265/mo for a 10Mbps half-duplex port.
  • $495/mo for a 10Mbps FULL-duplex port.
  • $2595/mo for a 100Mbps half-duplex port.
  • $4195/mo for a 100Mbps FULL-duplex port.


Get plugged in to our Cummins Onan Prime Standby backup generator, serviced on a Prime customer contract by Cummins Northwest. Relax with Carson Oil emergency services on standby, and APC battery backup power and conditioning.

  • $14.00 per 100W power supply rating per month covers:
    • Power to your server.
    • Battery backup systems.
    • The generators.
    • Heat removal (Air Conditioning)
  • $175/mo for a dedicated 15A circuit (120V).

Example 1:

A 1U rackmount server with a 200W power supply using 10 GB of bandwidth a month would cost: $30 (rent) + $28 (power) + $20 (bandwidth = 10 x $2) = only $78/mo!

Example 2:

A 4U rackmount server with a 300W power supply using 30 GB of bandwidth a month would cost: $45 (rent) + $42 (power) + $60 (bandwidth = 30 x $2) = only $147/mo!

Example 3:

An ENTIRE RACK all to yourself with a dedicated 15A circuit (120V) and 100 GB of bandwidth would cost: $500 (rent) + $175 (power) + $100 (bandwidth) = only $775/mo!