Dedicated to You

Outgrow your shared hosting account? Let's step it up a notch with a dedicated server. We'll help you with whatever transitions need to be made, plus you can take advantage of our up-time monitoring, use our backup system, and more. Whether you need a managed or unmanaged solution, we've got you covered.

Managed Dedicated

Let Kättare do the heavy lifting! Let us install, maintain and update your operating system, your web software stack, database software and system firewall. We'll closely monitor the performance of your hardware and software. And just in case, phenomenal support is provided, including after-hours availability for emergencies. Not enough? Managed servers are backed up nightly with incremental file system backups and per table SQL dumps. Setup fees can be waived with 1-year contract.

Unmanaged Dedicated

Don't need all the bells and whistles of a managed server? Unmanaged dedicated accounts have no setup fee, as well as a discounted monthly. Kättare provides and maintains the hardware and will install an OS of your choosing. Should support be needed, Kättare can provide an operating system reload. Setup fees can be waived with 1-year contract.