Kattare is especially proud of its professional relationship with the following organizations:

Bellevue Computer

bellevue computer

Bellevue Computer, Located in downtown Corvallis, OR, is the main vendor Kattare uses for server hardware. They stock just about anything and everything Kattare needs to be able to build and deploy reliable servers. They're invaluable as a partner because having emergency parts available just a few minutes down the road can be a real life saver. They're also great people to deal with, and very reasonably priced.



Kattare makes extensive use of Internap's Flow Control Platform (FCP) for the routing of our outbound internet traffic. This is key to our success as a website hosting provider because it allows us to route your website traffic around many blockages on the internet that would normally be outside of our control. It also has speed optimization benefits, in that it allows us to always send the traffic out the path that will get the packets to your website clients in the fastest manner possible. For instance, if your client is 120ms away from us on our AT&T OC3 and 40ms away from us on our Verizon OC3, then the Internap FCP will send the traffic out the Verizon path, thus saving 80ms in transit time PER PACKET. It's an amazing device that you won't find at your run-of-the-mill budget host.



Netcraft is the premier internet monitoring and statistical analysis company. They track website popularity, hosting provider popularitiy, transit provider latency, server software metrics, and a slew of other internet related services. Kattare has partnered with Netcraft specifically to monitor our international network performance, so that we can track and improve our network for all of our clients internationally. Take a look at the Hosting Provider's Network Performance page, or you can jump directly to the page for Kattare's Network Performance as monitored worldwide.

We Also Use:

dell compellent
cisco systems
citrix netscaler
cummins-onan with five star security