Question: How do I setup a Subversion Server?

Subversion is a very popular project management piece of software. Kattare has copies of subversion installed by default on all of our webservers.

We recommend granting access to your subversion repository via the subversion server, svnserve. If you have not yet setup your repository, we'll leave that to a Google search. "subversion setup" or "subversion howto" should result in many, many hits.

Specific to the Kattare servers though, we can assist with the svnserve setup:

  1. change to your repository's configuration directory:
    cd <my_homedirectory>/<svn_root>/conf/
  2. Use vi, pico, etc to edit "passwd", it should look something like:
    harry = harryspassword
    sally = sallyspassword
  3. change permissions on the passwd file:
    chmod 600 passwd
  4. Use vi, pico, etc to edit "svnserve.conf", it should look something like:
    anon-access = none
    auth-access = write
    password-db = passwd
  5. Pick a port to run it on. If you have a private tomcat or apache instance, it's probably safe to snag the port it's running on and increment it by one or two. If not, just about anything in the 50000 - 51000 range should be good.

    Note: You will need to let know the port you assigned so the webserver firewall can be opened up on that port.

  6. run svnserve:
    svnserve -d --listen-port=<port> -r <my_homedirectory>/<svn_root>
  7. Email and ask them to setup the boot scripts to start your subversion instance at boot time. Please include the line you used above to start it up.

Keeping in mind that you'll have to specify the username and password as well, your subversion URL for checkout would then be something like:


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