To create the Vacation auto-reposnder filter log into and follow these instructions:

First, we make sure there is an "Identity" configured for each email address you want the auto-reposnder to reply from:

1. Click on the “Settings” button in the top-right corner

2. Click on the "Identities" tab.

3. Review the list of email addresses you have Identities configured for. If any are missing, Click the "+" sign in the "Identities" column and create a new one.

Next, we need to create the Auto-Responder Filter:

1. Click on the "Filters" tab in the left most column

2. Select the "managesieve" filter set from the middle column

3. Click on the "+" sign on the bottom of the right-hand "Filters" column to add a new filter to the filter set

4. Type a name for the filter in the "Filter name" box.

5. Select the "all messages" button in the "For incoming mail" section

6. Under the "...execute the following actions" section, click the arrow on the drop box and select "Reply with message"

7. Type the message you want the auto-reply to contain in the "Message body (vacation reason)" box

8. Next to "My e-mail addresses" click "Fill with all my addresses" to tell the filter which email addresses to to send the response from. If you do not wish for all addresses to respond with the message, click the "X" icon next to the address you want to remove.

9. In the “How often send messages (in days)” box, enter number of days you wish for the auto-reply message to be sent. The auto-reply message will stop after the number of days you enter have passed, or you delete the filter.

10. Click the “Save” button to save the new filter, and you are finished.

11. Click the “E-Mail” button at the top of the screen (or click on the Kattare logo in the upper-left of the screen) to return to your Inbox.


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