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Question: Do you support SMTP-AUTH and secure connections when sending mail?

The server uses an authentication method called "SMTP-AUTH" for verifying that you are a valid user. The mail servers also support secure connections via TLS.

To enable SMTP Authentication:

Outlook & Outlook Express:

Look for checkboxes labeled My server requires authentication and make sure they're checked. DO NOT turn on SPA or Secure Password Authentication. Despite it's name, SPA is not secure.

Eudora: Look for checkboxes labeled Allow Authentication and make sure it is enabled.

Netscape 4 - 7, Mozilla: Look for a checkbox labeled Use name and password under the Outgoing Server (SMTP) menu.

KMail: Under the sending (SMTP) server tab, edit the properties on your SMTP server and make sure Server Requires Authentication is checked.

Evolution: When adding the SMTP server, check the box labeled Server requires authentication, then under Authentication Type, select Password.

These settings can be difficult to find, and it sees like every email client is different from the next. If you are having difficulty, we highly recommend finding a local computer guru to take a look at your individual configuration.


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