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The server could not connect to the back-end Apache, Tomcat, Resin, or JBoss server. This is usually because it has either crashed, or has not been started properly. Usually all that is needed to fix this is a restart. If you have restarted your back-end server and you are still having problems, you can usually find the cause by checking the logfiles both in your home directory and in the server-wide log directory. If all else fails, please contact support at support@kattare.com.

Welcome to Kättare

  Kättare is dedicated to making Internet Services simple and affordable. We offer a variety of services for individuals, businesses, web designers, etc. We also offer web space to re-sellers who are looking to build a solid presence on the world wide web. Unlike other Internet Service Providers, Kättare will treat you as a friend and will take the time and effort to work with you in order to ensure your satisfaction.

  Kättare employs state of the art equipment including multiple high speed connections and Cisco routers. Rest assured that with Kättare, your web site will download quickly and reliably. So let us do the work for you, because it's your time and money that's important.  more info...