The invention provides novel nucleic acids and polypeptides, referred to herein as stresscopin 1 and stresscopin 2, which preferentially activate the CRH-R2 receptor over the R1 receptor. Stresscopins, analogs and mimetics, and related CRH-R2 agonists suppress food intake and heat-induced edema; but do not induce substantial release of ACTH. Stresscopin also finds use in the recovery phase of stress responses, as an anti-inflammatory agent, as a hypotensive agent, as a cardioprotective agent, and in the treatment of psychiatric and anxiolytic disorders. Stresscopin nucleic acid compositions find use in identifying homologous or related proteins and the DNA sequences encoding such proteins; in producing compositions that modulate the expression or function of the protein; and in studying associated physiological pathways.


> Edible moisture barrier for food and method of use products

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