A solar battery module can be constituted without connecting a plurality of bypass diodes, increasing the volume of potting, or reducing the area of a solar battery cell, so that the problems such as an increase in size of a terminal box, an increase in fabrication cost or a drop in mass productivity are overcome. A terminal box constituting an output section of a solar battery module, includes: a box body housing a circuit constituting section constituted by terminal boards, a bypass diode, and the like; and a box cover having a double structure of an inner cover made of a metal material and an outer cover made of a weather-resistant resin. The box body has an open side opposite to its attachment face, and includes a portion housing a charging section of the circuit constituting section apart from an outer wall structure of the box body. The box body is formed to have a box structure made of a weather-resistant resin. The open side of the box structure is covered with the box cover.

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> Application of lignin derivatives to photoelectric transducer and photoelectrochemical cell

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