A method for adding a communication device in a secure communication system comprising the steps of: A. a user accesses a database in a secure way as provided in that database and according to the authorization given to the user there, wherein the connection is achieved with a user's communication device which is used at present with the database, having already being recognized in the database as a legitimate user; B. the user is recognized in the database and is given access to facilities in that database, wherein one of the available facilities performs the service of changing the communication device or adding additional devices to the listed device(s); C. the user asks for the service of changing the communication device, to add a new device to the list of legitimate users in the database; D. the database responds by sending temporary identification means for that user for the purpose of adding a new device; E. the user connects to the database using the new communication device and presents the alphanumeric string received earlier in the process, and the database recognizes the user accordingly; F. the characteristics of the new communication devices are next presented and recorded in the database; G. the database can now relate that specific user with the new communication device, after the database has recorded the characteristics of the new communication device as belonging to the known, authorized user; H. during subsequent access of the database with the new communication device, the database will recognize the device and will grant access to the database.

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