A browser-based tee time posting system for use by golf courses to post available tee times to a tee time reservations hub for reservation by golfers accessing the hub. The system includes a hub web server adapted to serve web pages and to accept time slot information from a golf course user via a browser. Golf course users each with a web browser at respective network nodes request time slot information from the system, receive web pages served by the hub web server in response, and provide time slot information to the hub web server. Golf course users, such as course pro shop employees, may thus autonomously provide updated tee time availability information to the system hub, and the system hub thus need not be burdened with tee time update tasks. The system may generate a simple check box or radio button interface so that the golf course user may easily select and de-select tee times for that course. The system may enable the course user to generate an input template for subsequent use by that course user. In one embodiment, the system may accept tee time inputs from multiple sources, including multiple software-based tee time management systems installed in golf courses. The system reduces the considerable time and expense that golf courses and hubs may incur in posting and maintaining golf course tee time inventory.

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