The present invention is an Internet wire-mesh merchandising system that comprises a webserver for generating a web presence. Potential customers looking to select and buy wire mesh are allowed to log-on to a website operated by a wire-mesh retailer, distributor, and manufacturer. An HTML product page includes navigation buttons that link to other HTML product pages. Each page further includes JPG or GIF type pictures that allow the shopper to see a particular wire mesh product corresponding to a presently displayed HTML product page. A group of alternate-view buttons link to other pictures of the same product that show variations or different perspectives. A set of four navigation buttons permit the shopper to hyperlink to HTML product pages where the wire mesh is finer, coarser, thinner, and thicker. Once the link is taken, a graphic is presented that corresponds to the selected wire-mesh. The list of hyperlinks includes only those HTML product pages that represent available combinations of wire-mesh material, wire size, and mesh count. A "price" and an "order" hypertext allow the shopper to see the product price for the selected item and to order it electronically.


> Method and computer readable medium storing executable components for locating items of interest among multiple merchants in connection with electronic shopping

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