A solid fuel burner using a low oxygen concentration gas as a transporting gas of a low grade solid fuel such as brown coal or the like and a combustion method using the solid fuel burner are provided. The solid fuel burner comprises a means for accelerating ignition of the fuel and a means for preventing slugging caused by combustion ash from occurring. Mixing of fuel and air inside a fuel nozzle 11 is accelerated by that an additional air nozzle 12 and a separator 35 for separating a flow passage are arranged in the fuel nozzle 11, and the exit of the additional air nozzle 12 is set at a position so as to overlap with the separator 35 when seeing from a direction perpendicular to a burner axis, and additional air is ejected in a direction nearly perpendicular to a flow direction of a fuel jet flowing through the fuel nozzle 11. An amount of air from the additional air nozzle 12 is varied corresponding to a combustion load. By increasing the amount of air from the additional air nozzle 12 at a low load operation, an oxygen concentration of a circulation flow 19 formed in a downstream portion outside the exit of the fuel nozzle 11 is increased to stably burn the fuel. By decreasing the amount of air from the additional air nozzle 12 at a high load operation, a flame is formed at a position distant from the fuel nozzle 11 to suppress radiant heat received by structures of the solid fuel burner and walls of the furnace.

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