An eyeglass lens processing apparatus includes: a lens rotating unit having lens chucking shafts which hold an eyeglass lens, and a first motor which rotates the chucking shafts; an axis-to-axis distance changing unit having a second motor which changes an axis-to-axis distance between a center axis of rotation of a processing tool which processes a periphery of the lens and a center axis of rotation of the chucking shafts; a torque detector which directly or indirectly detects torque transmitted to the chucking shafts; a torque level setting unit which variably sets an allowable torque level; and a driving controller which controls at least one of driving of the first motor and driving of the second motor to adjust at least one of a rotational speed of the chucking shafts and a processing pressure of the lens so that the torque falls below the allowable torque level.


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