Methods are disclosed for determining, in a sample derived from a human, the functional activity of a component of the human blood coagulation system, which activity can be correlated to conversion of a substrate specific for activated Protein C (APC), by measuring in an assay medium containing the sample and a substrate for APC, the conversion of the substrate by APC and correlating the conversion to the functional activity of the component. When the component is anticoagulant Factor V, at least one of exogenous APC, Protein S or an inhibitor of Protein S activity is added to the medium. When the component is Protein C, APC, or Protein S, exogenous anticoagulant Factor V or an inhibitor of anticoagulant activity of Factor V is added to the medium. Methods are also disclosed for diagnosing a blood coagulation/anticoagulation disorder or for determining a predisposition thereto in a human by determining anticoagulant Factor V activity in an assay medium containing a sample derived from the human.


> Method of preparing alkylated salicylamides via a dicarboxylate intermediate

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