The coin payout device 1 according to the present invention is constructed from: the payout unit 20 paying out coins one by one, the payout unit 20 comprising the rotation plate 26 in which a plurality of coin openings 26b are formed along the circumference thereof, the drive motor 22 for driving the rotation plate 26 and the connector 30 for supplying electric power to the drive motor 22; the bucket 10 for storing coins; and the base 50 to which the payout unit 20 and the bucket 10 are detachably arranged. Here, the drive motor 22, which is arranged in the payout unit 20 through the latch mechanism, is prevented from dropping since the resilient deformable members 40, 40 constructing the latch mechanism are limited so as not to spread by the limit members 53 formed on the inner side walls of the recess portion 51 in the base 50 when the payout unit 20 is assembled to the base 50.


> Gaming device having display with multiple radially translating indicators

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