A portable terminal comprises: a printing end acquisition unit for obtaining the printing end status of a printer; and a printing end confirmation unit for providing notification of the printing end for the printer by using a display device or an audible alarm. Further, a printer comprises: a printer controller, and a printer engine. The printer controller includes: a radio communication unit, for exchanging command data with a portable terminal; a printing function identification unit, for determining whether a printing function is provided for the portable terminal; a warm-up start unit, for activating a warm-up operation; and a command data processor, for interpreting the command data received from the portable terminal. The printing engine includes: an engine controller, for performing the warm-up operation based on an instruction received from the warm-up start unit; and a printing unit, for the printing of printing data that are interpreted by the command data processor. With this arrangement, when the portable terminal has moved and is within a predetermined range, the warm-up operation is started before a printing instruction is received.

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