In a mobile radio terminal at transmission timing control device, transmit data spread-modulated is delayed by a timing control portion with a timing of reception as a reference by a predetermined period of time having based on a unit time corresponding to a chip clock and it is then provided to a filtering portion. The filtering portion limits the transmit data in band and a timing control portion times transmission with a slight adjustment with an oversampling clock, a quadruple in frequency of the chip clock, serving as a unit time. In a mobile radio terminal at a digital roll-off filter, input digital data is held in accordance with a data period by a shift register successively. A counter counts in accordance with an oversampling period of 1/m and it is reset in accordance with a data period. A coefficient select circuit is driven by the counter's output to select and output repetitively, sequentially tap coefficients corresponding to m sampling points included in the data period for each tap output of the shift register. A multiplication circuit multiplies tap outputs by corresponding output tap coefficients and an addition circuit sums up such multiplications and provides the sum as a filter output.


> Method and system of iterative coding/decoding of digital data streams coded by spatio-temporal combinations, in multiple transmission and reception

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