The invention relates to a method of coding and of decoding a digital data stream coded by spatio-temporal combinations, in multiple transmission and reception.On transmission, the initial stream (IDS) is subjected to an outer coding (A), a blockwise interleaving (B), a demultiplexing (C) over a plurality of pathways, to an inner coding .XI..sub.m on each pathway, then transmitted on a plurality (.nu.) of distinct antennas forming a space-diversity array. On reception, the coded symbol streams transmitted are observed (F) by means of a number .nu. of reception antennas which is independent of the number of transmission antennas, the observed coded symbol streams.rho. ##EQU00001## are subjected to a process of turbo-detection by equalization and joint decoding (G), deinterleaving (H), outer decoding (I), interleaving (J), so as to generate an a priori information item (api) on the coded bits, which is reinjected (K) into the turbo-detection process.Application to the implementation of a universal radiofrequency interface, in particular for mobile radio telephony.


> Dynamic channel quality measurement procedure implemented in a wireless digital communication system to prioritize the forwarding of downlink data

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