In a method (300) for receiving a radio signal, there are steps of: receiving (301, 303) first and second received signal components by use of first and second antennas having different properties; processing (305) a received signal component to produce a sampled signal component; producing (307) at least one combined signal, which is a linear combination of at least two sampled signal components; and selecting (306) at least one set of complex values for coefficients of the linear combination so that a quality of a combined signal is at least equal to the quality of that sampled signal component having the best quality. Furthermore, the antennas are alternately connected (302, 304) via a switching element to radio frequency means so that received signal components are interleaving and so that first and second parts of a certain piece of transmitted information are received with the first and second antennas, respectively. A corresponding receiver device is also presented.


> Method and system for managing radio resources in a time-slotted communication system

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