A scanning probe microscope having a cantilever holder is provided which gives a cantilever great amplitude by a small-sized vibrator configurable in a limited space and is stably operated even in environments of high viscous drag such as a liquid. A cantilever base part of a cantilever is fixed to a fixing part of a scanning probe microscopy cantilever holder. A vibrator is mounted on the fixing part. When it is defined that the front side is the side close to a probe and the rear side is the side close to a supporting part of the fixing part along in the longitudinal direction of the cantilever, the vibrator displaces the front and rear sides of the fixing part of the cantilever holder to each other in the opposite directions within the plane orthogonal to the sample surface to vibrate the cantilever in a liquid.

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> Reduction Smith-Talbot interferometer prism for micropatterning

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