A system and method for remote power control across multiple nodes of a partitioned data processing system. The system includes one or more nodes, each node including a chassis housing a traditional SMP server. The system may be partitioned into two or more SPAR's. Partition management software provides out of band power control to an entire partition, regardless of the number of nodes in the partition. The partition management code installed on each node of the partition is enabled to broadcast a power-on request to each of the nodes in the partition. Thus, when any service processor receives a power-on request, that service processor will resend the power on request to the broadcast group, thereby causing all of the nodes in the SPAR to power up. The broadcast packets may be routed to the other nodes via an out-of-band or private management LAN. Using this implementation, existing network and system management software can reset the system by sending a normal power-on request to any service processor in the SPAR complex thereby minimizing the multi-node architecture's impact.

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> System for distributed network authentication and access control

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