A therapeutic device, such as an exercise device, includes the principles of osteogenic repair by incorporating a vibrational loading mechanism into the exercise device. By doing so, the therapeutic device provides an increased osteogenic effect, thereby enhancing the benefits of the therapy. As an example, an exercise device includes a support surface for supporting all or part of the bodily tissue of an individual using the device. A linear or rotary vibrational loading mechanism associated with the frame or a rotational element of the exercise device drives the support surface at a selected load and frequency, thereby inducing mechanical loading of bodily tissue adjacent to the support surface sufficiently to facilitate the growth, development, strengthening, and/or healing of bone tissue. The vibrational loading mechanism may be incorporated into any exercise device, including standard exercise devices such as rowing machines, stair climbing machines, elliptical trainers, bicycles, cross-country ski trainers, treadmills, or weight trainers.

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