What is disclosed is a system and method for method for fitness evaluation to be used with a directly calculated or iterative optimization method for automatic document assembly. The method for fitness evaluation includes the steps of first capturing the creator's desire as a set of relative weights to be applied to an intent vector. Then, calculating for each candidate document assembly a set of value-property functions that evaluate properties considered to be factors in a good design (e.g., the balance of the document component on the page). Next, an inferred intent vector needs to be determined for each candidate document assembly as a function of the calculated value property function. Note that if the inferred intent vector is determined by a matrix multiplication applied to the vector of value property function results then the relative weights and intent definition matrix can be multiplied together to provide a weight vector that can be applied directly to the value properties. The desired weights are then applied to the inferred intents to derive a fitness measure by multiplying the intent vector components by weights and summing.

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