A system is provided that enables images read by an image data reading apparatus 10 shared by photographing apparatuses 2A.about.2D to be confirmed without confusion. Information registration terminals 3A.about.3D for registering sheet identification information I in relation to patient information K are installed together with corresponding monitors 4A.about.4D, for the respective photographing apparatuses 2A.about.2D. The terminals, the monitors and the image data reading apparatus 10 are connected to a network 15. One of the terminals 3A registers the patient information K and the identification information I of a sheet used for photographing by the corresponding photographing apparatus 2A, and the image data reading apparatus 10 reads image data S from the sheet. The image data S are transferred automatically to the monitor 4A corresponding to the terminal 3A that registered the information, and a visible image of the image data S is displayed on the corresponding monitor 4A.

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> Practical implementation of a CT cone beam algorithm for 3-D image reconstruction as applied to nondestructive inspection of baggage, live laboratory animal and any solid materials

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