This invention uses the cone beam CT (Computer Tomography) principle to obtain nondestructive image of any object. For good reconstruction datasets from 2 orthogonal planes about the object are required in order to augment the signal relative to the polar artifacts of a standard Feldkamp reconstruction algorithm. Here, we suggest a practical way of implementing the 2 orthogonal planes theory by replacing the 2 gantry rotations by 2 rotations of only one fixed gantry and one movement of the object position, making it simple and low cost. This method is applied to the non-intrusive inspection of baggage or imaging of mice for pharmaceutical purposes where the object has to remain in a horizontal plane throughout the procedure. This algorithm can also be applied to nondestructive testing of any solid materials, for example: imperfections in semi-conductors, electronic components, composite materials etc.


> Spectroscopy apparatus and method

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