A system for securely transmitting an information package (10) to an addressee via a network (108) includes a directory interface (110) adapted to check a directory (112) to determine whether the addressee has a public key; an escrow key manager (116), coupled to the directory interface (110), adapted to provide an escrow encryption key for encrypting the package (10); a encryption module (114), coupled to the escrow key manager (116), adapted to encrypt the package (10) with the escrow encryption key; a computer-readable medium (118), coupled to the encryption module (114), adapted to store the package (10) in escrow for the addressee; a notification module (120), coupled to the computer-readable medium (118), adapted to send a notification to the addressee via the network (108); a key registration module (124), coupled to the notification module (120), adapted to issue, in response to the addressee acknowledging the notification, new public and private keys to the addressee; and a transmission module (122), coupled to the key registration module (124) and to the computer-readable medium (118), adapted to transmit the package (10) to the addressee via the network (108).

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> Method and apparatus for managing secure collaborative transactions

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