Latent hydraulic materials are activated as residue from thermal processes by mechanochemical and/or tribomechanical reactions in a method for the production of an organic based binding agent. The lattice structures of the material mixture are altered by means of kinetic impingement, and the interaction of pulse and pulse interruption associated therewith, resulting in plasmoid particle states, the particle structure is altered by shock waves and/or by pent-up energy induced by the pulse and/or the pulse interruption. The particles are altered to form amorphous structured by the occurring pulses and pulse interruptions or reflections. The alterations occur by means of a device comprising an activator provided with a stator and a rotor arranged on a machine platform. The stator and the rotor define an annular chamber or annular gap as a transportation path for the material. Tools are associated with the annular gap of the stator and/or the rotor and are at least partially covered by a layer of the mixture. A dosing device and at least one air flow applied to other ring opening are arranged in front of the annular gap.


> Cosmetic compositions useful for lengthening lashes

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