According to an embodiment of the present invention, a material processing systeme (1) including a process tool (10) and a process performance control system (100). The process performance control system (100) includes a process performance controller (55) coupled to the process tool (10), where the process performance controller (55) includes a process performance prediction model (110), a process recipe correction filter (120), a process controller (130), and process performance model correction algorithm (150). The process performance prediction model (110) is configured to receive tool data from a plurality of sensors coupled to process tool (10) and to predict process performance data. The process recipe correction filter (120) is coupled to the process performance prediction model (110) and configured to receive predicted process performance data and generate a process recipe correction for run-to-run process control. The process controller (130) is coupled to the process recipe correction filter (120) and is configured to update a process recipe according to the process recipe correction.


> Systems and methods for residue collection with improved letter handling capability

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