To provide a disk apparatus that can enhance reliability of a head wiring and a driving wiring, a disk apparatus includes a head slider, an arm, a driving unit, a wiring body provided for supplying a head mounted on the head slider with a head current used for signal recording or reproduction with respect to a disk-like recording medium and supplying the driving unit with a driving current used to drive the arm to swing, and a lead-out terminal portion. The wiring body includes a flexure sheet provided in the arm so as to support the head slider, a head wiring provided so as to connect the head slider and the lead-out terminal portion by passing over the flexure sheet thereby to supply the head mounted on the head slider with the head current, and a driving wiring provided along the head wiring in an area ranging from a wiring connecting portion formed on a side of the flexure sheet opposite the head slider to the lead-out terminal portion thereby to supply the driving unit with the driving current.


> Heating/cooling based system for obtaining a disc drive servo signal

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