A cabin communication system for improving clarity of a voice spoken within an interior cabin having ambient noise includes an adaptive speech enhancement filter for receiving an audio signal that includes a first component indicative of the spoken voice, a second component indicative of a feedback echo of the spoken voice and a third component indicative of the ambient noise, the speech enhancement filter filtering the audio signal by removing the third component to provide a filtered audio signal, the speech enhancement filter adapting to the audio signal at a first adaptation rate, and an adaptive acoustic echo cancellation system for receiving the filtered audio signal and removing the second component in the filtered audio signal to provide an echo-cancelled audio signal, the echo cancellation signal adapting to the filtered audio signal at a second adaption rate, wherein the first adaptation rate and the second adaptation rate are different from each other so that the speech enhancement filter does not adapt in response to operation of the echo-cancellation system and the echo-cancellation system does not adapt in response to operation of the speech enhancement filter.

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