The present invention provides a thin-film transistor that is formed by using a patterning method capable of forming a semiconductor channel layer in sub-micron order and a method for manufacturing thereof that provides a thin-film transistor with a larger area, and suitable for mass production. These objects are achieved by a thin-film transistor formed on a substrate 1 with a finely processed concavoconvex surface 2, in which a source electrode and a drain electrode are formed on adjacent convex portions of the concavoconvex surface 2, with a channel and a gate being formed on a concave area between the convex portions. A gate electrode 5, a gate insulating film 6 and a semiconductor channel layer 7 are laminated in this order on the concave area from the bottom surface of the concave portion toward the top surface. Preferably, in this thin-film transistor, the concavoconvex surface is formed of a curing resin, a semiconductor constituting a thin-film transistor is formed of a semiconductor such as polycrystal silicon or an organic semiconductor material, and the substrate is formed of glass, plastic or a composite material of these materials.


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