A stud panel and method of making a stud panel where interior sheathing may be a temporary piece of transparent plastic or a permanent panel of sheet rock so as to retain insulation in place and minimize scarfing. The stud panel may include studs having through holes extending in a length direction of the stud panel such that insulation in adjacent inner regions separated by such studs interlock with each other and contribute to a structural integrity of the stud panel. The stud panel may include a space between inner studs and one of the exterior and interior sheathing so as to provide a thermal and sound break between the exterior and inner sheathing so as to minimize heat, air and sound transfer between the exterior and interior sheathing. A method of making the stud panel is further disclosed, where such a method may include the step of incrementally introducing insulation from a closed end of an inner region to an open end of an inner region and may further include the step of automatically introducing insulation into the inner regions of the stud panel.

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