In a holding arrangement (101) for a medical-optical instrument (103), an electric motor is provided in a rotational joint (111, 119) to compensate a load torque occurring in this rotational joint. This electric motor is supplied with current in correspondence to a detected position of the rotational joint (111, 119). A current control curve required for this purpose is stored in a memory. This current control curve can be determined in that the rotational joints are deflected with the electric motor into predetermined positions and the current demand needed therefor is detected. The holding arrangement (101) has a unit for actively damping vibration including a vibration damping control loop. This vibration damping control loop outputs a superposition motor current to the electric motor as an actuating quantity in order to move the rotational joint (111, 119) with the electric motor so that a detected vibration of the holding arrangement (101) is countered.


> Servo adjustable gripper device

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