An apparatus for recording firmware in a computer system can include a ROM divided into at least two blocks such as a main block and an auxiliary block, for storing system control programs, and a RAM can be provided for temporarily storing the programs stored in the ROM when used to selectively control and update the ROM. A method for recording firmware in a computer system can include dividing an area for storing system control programs into at least two blocks, recording a first program on a first block, recording a second program for selectively deleting, recording and updating the first program on a second block, confirming a control block, loading firmware of the block that will not be controlled, and selectively blanking and updating the block that will be controlled. Although the firmware of the main block is updated or damaged, the system can perform a desired operation (e.g., repair or recovery), without physically replacing the main or damaged block.


> Method and apparatus for keeping track of memory usage for tasks in a shared heap

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