A computer system stores a dynamically sized array as a base array that contains references to subarrays in which the (composite) array's data elements reside. Each of the base-array elements that thus refers to a respective subarray is associated with a respective subarray size. Each base-array index is thereby at least implicitly associated with a cumulative base value equal to the sum of all preceding base indexes' associated subarray sizes. In response to a request for access to the element associated with a given (composite-array) index, the array-access system identifies the base index associated with the highest cumulative base value not greater than the composite-array index and performs the access to the subarray identified by the element associated with that base index. Composite-array expansion can be performed in a multi-threaded environment without locking, simply by employing a compare-and-swap or similar atomic operation.

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> Incremental data storage method, apparatus, interface, and system

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