The equipment for transporting chips carrying coded information includes a movable structure carrying chips with an electronic circuit arranged in columns in stacked racks and a docking station for the carrier structure in the place of storage of the chips, for example the vault of the casino, or at their place of use, for example a gaming table. The carrier structure includes a plane base divided by a partition with a handle for carrying two stacks of racks of chips and a lid. The docking station integrates part of an RFID contactless radio-frequency reading station for reading the coded information carried by the chips of at least one column to determine or verify the content of at least one batch of chips present in the carrier structure, in particular to draw up or to check an inventory thereof. The read station includes a read unit with a digital section and an analog section provided with a wide-loop antenna with three loops respectively integrated into the walls of the lid and the median partition fixed to the plane base.


> Communication apparatus including dual timer units

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