A method and system of Continual Temperature Monitoring of a patient pre-surgical, intra-surgical, and post-surgical by multiple, wireless, temperature sensors that transmit low-power radio frequencies to a monitor capable of receiving signals of temperature data, wherein the monitor interfaces with conventional PC platforms having specifically designed software, and the multiple wireless sensors are of two types: 1.) a capsule shaped sensor which can be ingested or inserted rectally which transmits core body temperature (CBT); 2.) a dermal patch which transmits external body temperature, and the PC software allows the user to set upper and lower limits for each sensor transmitter placed in or on a patient which will activate a notification method selected by the user if these limits are exceeded or subceeded, and the PC software has file transfer protocol (FTP) allowing the user with an internet connection from any location worldwide to access a secure, password protected intranet or internet website and monitor, in real-time, the temperature data of a patient.

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