A projection aligner of the present invention, in which ultraviolet light emitted from a lamp housing is split by a fly-eye lens into a large number of point light sources which are independent of one another. Further, in this projection aligner, the light is shaped by an aperture, so that a secondary light source plane is formed. Moreover, after an exposure area is established by a blind, a photomask is illuminated. Thereafter, an image of a light source is formed on a pupillary surface of a projection optical system from light diffracted by the photomask. Furthermore, a wave front aberration is compensated by an aberration eliminating filter placed on the pupillary surface of the optical system of the projection aligner. Then, the image of a circuit pattern is formed on a wafer. Thereby, the influence of the aberration of the optical system is eliminated. Consequently, the high-accuracy transferring of the pattern can be achieved.

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