An intermediate server 6 or a main server 5 executes the steps of displaying a work site of a construction machine or a predetermined area regarding the work site on a subcontractor's personal computer 62, prompting an input for applying to an order for work of repair/replacement of parts belonging to a predetermined component section of the construction machine, extracting the predetermined qualification requirements, which have been stored in a database 6A beforehand, from the database based on received applying information, producing an examination sheet for determining whether a local subcontractor meets the extracted qualification requirements, transmitting the examination sheet produced in the producing step to the subcontractor's personal computer 62 via a communication network, and prompting an input in predetermined places of the examination sheet. An information processing system and an information processing method for construction machines are provided which can present satisfactory services to the customer side even when the work site is in, e.g., a remote frontier region.


> Seal force monitor apparatus, system, and method for in-process determination of integrity of sealed containers

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