The present invention provides a golf putter head that is suitable for putting a golf ball by either left-handed or right-handed golfers by swinging the putter in the typical pendulum motion or by pushing the putter in a shuffleboard-like motion. Further, the present invention provides a golfer with the ability to select the angle of the golf putter shaft to the golf putter head. The golf putter head comprises a top, a bottom, at least one flat striking surface, at least one curvilinear striking surface and a shaft receiving aperture. The top contains an insert having a variety of shaft receiving apertures. The shaft receiving apertures are of different angles to allow a golfer to pick the desired angle to better fit his or her needs. Further, the radii of the curvilinear striking surfaces are of such dimensions that the curvilinear striking surface, when used in the shuffleboard-like motion, strikes a golf ball above the golf ball's horizontal midline, which encourages topspin.


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