An objective of the present invention is to carry out setting efficiently both a database management system and a storage subsystem. In an information processing system having computers 1, 2 and the storage subsystem 3, the following processes are executed. A system definition program 5 in the computer 1 generates based on the database design information, database definition information defining a structure of plural tables constituting the database and storage location volume of data of the plural tables, and volume definition information defining a condition for determining a volume configuration. A volume definition program 6 in the storage subsystem 3 determines based on the volume definition information from the management server 1, a storage device configuring the volume out of plural storage devices 36a . . . 36p. A database management system program 9 in the computer 2 stores the data of each table in the volume of the storage subsystem 3, based on the definition information from the management server 1, and accesses the volume in response to a request from outside.


> Use of hashed content addressable memory (CAM) to accelerate content-aware searches

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