A server is provided having a port for receiving a data request that includes an identifier (e.g., an HTTP request that includes a URL). Recognition logic is provided to extract the identifier, using delimiters present in the data request. Padding logic fixes the length of the identifier at a predetermined length (e.g., by adding zeros to the end of the identifier), thereby creating a fixed-length identifier. Hashing logic is provided to perform a hashing function on the fixed-length identifier, thereby creating a hashed identifier. A CAM array provides an index value in response to the hashed identifier if the hashed identifier matches a hashed identifier value stored in the CAM array. A cache memory stores information associated with the identifier (e.g., web page data), at a location associated with the index value. The cache memory provides this information to a requesting party in response to the index value.

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> Method, system, and software for transmission of information

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