A system, method, and article of manufacture suitable for transmitting a programmable message in place of or intermixed into a streaming media data stream to a receiving device upon receipt of an event is disclosed. The system comprises an Internet data communications network interface; at least one sending device, operatively connected to the data communications network interface and capable of transmitting a predetermined alert based on the event to a predetermined receiving device upon the occurrence of the event; a persistent data store comprising a predetermined set of selectively retrievable messages; a monitor operatively in communication with both the sending device and an Internet provider of a data stream, the monitor able to selectively access the messages resident on the persistent data store; and messaging software capable of detecting events, selecting at least one of the selectively retrievable messages based on the event, modifying the data stream in a predetermined manner with at least a portion of the selected retrievable message, and transmitting the modified data stream to a predetermined receiving device.

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