The image reproducing method and apparatus capture photographing information in association with the photographed image, obtain supplementary information relating to at least one of the captured photographing information and add the obtained supplementary information to a visible image reproducing the photographing image on a photographic print or a display screen. The image processing method and apparatus determine similarity between respective photographing frame and subject the image data of a plurality of similar frames to similar image processing so that the qualities of the image reproduced from the plurality of the similar frames are made identical. As a result, when user sees the visible image reproduced on the photographic print or the display screen, the user can review the time of photographing. The function of the photographic print or the displayed image is enhanced. Further, the user is provided with the photographic print or the displayed image which is excellent in amusement property in accordance with user's taste and in which the color densities of the similar scenes and the same subjects do not vary.


> Multiple radio signal processing and storing method and apparatus

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