An output pixel datum is produced from input pixel data by a method wherein the brightness levels of several input pixels closely associated coordinate-wise with the output pixel, are examined to determine whether a relatively less complex graphics-optimized scaling procedure, or a relatively more sophisticated video-optimized scaling procedure, should be carried out. In the second case, directional interpolation is performed with a plurality of directions, e.g., being considered to determine the direction of minimum brightness level gradient. A plurality of intermediate pixels, e.g., four, are produced, which are aligned perpendicularly to the minimum brightness level gradient direction, their brightness levels being determined from relevant input pixels using linear interpolation. The output pixel brightness level is determined from the intermediate pixels through the use of an appropriate filtering technique, e.g., polyphase FIR filtering. An apparatus for performing the method and a system incorporating the apparatus, are described.


> Image processing apparatus and image processing method

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