A system for modifying and shaping behavior. The system comprises a number of components, which may be used individually or in combination with other components. A variety of kits comprising various components can be formed. Components include a progress pyramid chart to reward and reinforce positive and desired behaviors, a graduated restrictions chart and work-before-play chart to discourage undesirable behaviors, a daily responsibilities or daily routine chart may be used to clarify and strengthen daily family routines, a point-based or token-based system may be used to reward children for appropriate actions or behavior, a tether or leash used to teach self restraint, a series of school success charts or plans used to monitor school work (on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis), a gratitude jar, a series of life skills charts (including a learning chart, decision-making chart, anger management chart, communication chart, problem-solving chart, and goal-setting chart), a mission statement for the family, a vision or manifestation chart for use by a caregiver, and a family coat-of-arms. These charts may include color-coded clips that correspond to color-coded timers, which may be used to teach the concept of graduated restrictions. The timers are used to define break or "time out" periods, and the colors may indicate the severity of the restriction. The above components and kits can be presented and used in a variety of formats: a clipboard, poster, magnetic material, board, computer program, television, hand-held computer or laptop, mobile phone, personal digital assistant, MP3 or music device, iPod, or similar electronic device.

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