A monitoring apparatus for monitoring a plurality of patients establishes communication to a caregiver regarding wellness parameters of at least one of the plurality of patients. The monitoring apparatus includes a physiological parameter transducing device that generates an electronic signal representative of the value of the physiological parameter being monitored. The apparatus includes a processing unit coupled to the transducing device for processing the signal. The apparatus also includes an electronic receiver/transmitter for coupling the apparatus to a communication network. The apparatus incorporates a patient identification device that is configured to interface with an identifier associated with a patient, to identify the patient from among a plurality of patients. The apparatus further includes input and output devices for presenting a series of queries and receiving inputs in response to the queries, wherein an exception can be issued based on the signal and the inputs, notifying a remote healthcare professional that the ambulatory patient requires attention.

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> Novel 1-aryl-3-azabicyclo[3.1.0]hexanes: preparation and use to treat neuropsychiatric disorders

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