The present invention provides compounds of formula (I) including stereoisomers, prodrugs and pharmaceutically acceptable salts or solvates thereof (Formula (I)) wherein the dashed line may represent a double bond; R is aryl or heteroaryl, each of which may be substituted by 1 to 4 groups J selected from: halogen, C1-C6 alkyl, C1-C6 alkoxy, halo C1-C6 alkyl, C2-C6 .alkenyl, ,C2-C6 alkynyl, halo C1=C6 alkoxy, =C(O)RZ, nitro, hydroxy, =NR3R4i cyano, and or a group Z; R, is hydrogen, C3-C7 cycloalkyl, C1-C6 alkyl, C1-C6 alkoxy, C1-C6 thioalkyl, C2-C6 alkenyl, C2-C6 alkynyl, halo C1-C6 alkyl, halo C1-C6 alkoxy, halogen, NR.sub.3R.sub.4or cyano; D, G R is --C-- optionally substituted; A is --C-- optionally substituted; X is carbon or nitrogen; Y is nitrogen or --C-- optionally substituted; W is a 4-8 carbocyclic membered ring, which may be saturated or may contain one to three double bonds, and inwhich: --one carbon atom is replaced by a carbonyl or S(O).sub.m; and --one to four carbon atoms may optionally be replaced by oxygen, nitrogen or NR.sub.14, S(O).sub.m, carbonyl, and such ring may be further substituted by I to 8 substituents; Z is a 5-6 membered heterocycle or a phenyl, which may be substituted by I to 8 substituents; m is an integer from 0 to 2, to processes for their preparation, to pharmaceutical compositions containing them and to their use in the treatment of conditions mediated by corticotropin-releasing factor (CRF).


> Inhibitors of macrophage migration inhibitory factor and methods for identifying the same

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