This invention concerns a telecommunication system SYST including: a mobile transmitter/receiver ERM, a number of access points PA1i and PA2j, each capable of communicating with the mobile transmitter/receiver ERM situated in a coverage area ZA1i or ZA2j of the access point considered, and a communication network NW1 authorizing communications between said access points. The system according to the invention includes at least one mobility manager GM capable of determining, based on operating conditions of the access points, with which access point the mobile transmitter/receiver ERM should establish a communication. In the system according to the invention, a change in access point may not be carried out at the sole initiative of a mobile transmitter/receiver ERM, but is, on the contrary, carried out after analysis of an environment specific to said mobile transmitter/receiver ERM by the mobility manager GM.


> Mobile communications terminal, service area calculation apparatus and method of calculating service area

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